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The Science Behind Mindfulness

1. Alters your brain and its capabilities.

While this article discusses more of the physiological processes that occur, and what parts of the brain are affected, mindfulness improves your brain in five key areas. Mindfulness, especially meditation improves activity in the frontal cortex, which increased our ability for rational thought and makes us less impulsive. Mindfulness also affects your amygdala; more specifically it decreases your fear response and feelings of anxiousness. Pretty fitting since Halloween is coming up (be sure to practice mindfulness to prepare your Halloween horror movie binge).

2. Increased Empathy

Arguably the most important benefit of mindfulness. Mindfulness allows your brain to become more adept at recognizing and responding to other’s emotions. Especially useful around exams, meditation and other mindfulness processes improve concentration and motivation. It also improves your overall health as you become more in-tune with your body. Hopefully, you all have come to learn more about mindfulness. Be sure to explore our website and come to our future meetings.

-By Devon West, Mindful Mercer Vice President

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